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In just a few hours, the ENIT Agent is up and running at your company, delivering comprehensive analyses.

What we do differently

The ENIT Agent is connected with your billing meter and network. The installation involves just two simple steps: plug into mains, plug in cable. A short time later you already have access to the ENIT Agent’s complete analyses and evaluations. As an all-in-one solution, the ENIT Agent is from that point forward available to you with all its functions. Thanks to the smart system architecture, extensions can also be added at any time, quickly and easily.

What’s in it for you

You save above all one thing: time. While others are still busy integrating different devices for various applications, you are already long since using the ENIT Agent to analyse your energy systems. You save time, money and frustration installing complex systems or extensions. And you can also take advantage that much sooner of the benefits of efficient energy management: higher productivity, greater safety, lower costs, true controlling. That gives you a competitive advantage – already during the three-month trial period.

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The ENIT Agent can be installed at your premises in two simple steps. You can then test the product for three months with no obligation.

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