Easy to use

Save on costly customisation and complicated training. The ENIT agent asks little but delivers so much.


What we do differently

The basic idea behind the development of the ENIT Agent was to reduce complexity. The result is a unique all-in-one system for data collection, preparation, output and control. The ENIT Agent incorporates a Web server, application server, database and data logger – optimally integrated into a single package. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

What’s in it for you

When you install the ENIT Agent, you have an all-in-one energy management system at your disposal in a single device. You don’t need large server cabinets or server licenses, extensive IT installations or complex refitting. The ENIT Agent can be installed in two simple steps directly at the billing meter, and ENIT does the rest automatically. It couldn’t be easier.


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The ENIT Agent can be installed at your premises in two simple steps. You can then test the product for three months with no obligation.

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