The ENIT Agent is the right solution for all companies that want to monitor their energy consumption in order to ensure sustainability and save resources. A solution that’s made to measure.


With the ENIT Agent you have an all-in-one solution in hand for monitoring your electricity, heat, gas, steam or water consumption. It combines a data logger, gateway, database, server and analysis software in a single device – a whole new concept in energy management.

The device can be operated with all commonly used meters and systems. This eliminates the need to invest in expanding, replacing or installing systems.


The ENIT Agent software transfers the data to the integrated energy management portal. The portal then offers you extensive evaluation functions in exemplary detail. Wits its modern architecture, the software can grow to meet the specific demands of your company.

The ENIT Agent hardware and software incorporate the latest scientific findings, which numerous customers have already applied with great success to their energy monitoring.

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Energy monitoring with ENIT

  • Simple installation with investment costs
  • True plug & play with data from day one
  • Compatible with all commonly available meters and systems
  • Automatic connection of any number of sub-meters
  • Comprehensive analysis and customised dashboards
  • Optional reporting with recommendations for action

Yes, you can connect virtually any meter available across all energy categories. Thanks to ENIT’s flexibility, there is no need to replace or standardise your meters. In just a few moments, the ENIT Agent uses your existing meters to create a comprehensive energy management system.

Just a few hours after receiving the device, you will have the first analyses at hand in real time. Installation takes only two simple steps: Connect the mains plug and switch on ENIT Agent. We do the rest automatically.

You can connect any number of meters as sub-meters via a network cable or wireless connection – at no extra cost. The ENIT Agent is specially designed to accurately map your specific situation now and in the future. This means that you can integrate unlimited sub-meters into the software topography easily, with just a few clicks. The more measuring points you have and capture, the more detailed the findings and recommendations for action.

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The ENIT Agent can be installed at your premises in two simple steps. You can then test the product for three months with no obligation.

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