Examples of cost savings

Detecting energy leaks

Expected savings of 5–10%

The ENIT Agent examines high-resolution time profiles for all electricity meters connected to the billing meter, the transformers and the individual systems. This enables you to immediately detect operating conditions that use unnecessary energy.

Optimisation of operating conditions for electrical engineering equipment

Existing customers have realised savings > €70,000/year

Considerable savings potential can be tapped here by all industrial operations with established structures and several mains distributors. For example, transformers not operated at nominal load lead to high additional costs.

Avoidance of safety-critical plant conditions and testing of power quality

Avoiding system loads ~€10,000/year

The ENIT Agent checks your power quality to prevent overloads. Renewable energy sources or power supplies used in industry as well as frequency converters cause harmonics in power and voltage. This can overload your neutral conductor, resulting in a high fire risk.

The ENIT Agent also uncovers reactive power. You have to pay for this month for month if certain thresholds are exceeded. The analysis immediately identifies whether this is the case and locates the exact point where it is taking place.

Monitoring of energy consumption to improve operations flows

E.g. reduction of peak loads, ~ €10,000

As an industrial customer, you will be charged the entire year for a one-time 15-minute peak load. With the ENIT Agent you can detect the exact relationship between production process and power consumption over time. With this knowledge in hand, you can then reduce peak loads (e.g. by avoiding unnecessary simultaneous operations). The corresponding recommendations for action are also included in each of our monthly reports.

Furthermore, electricity rates usually vary depending on developments on the electricity exchange. To switch to a different rate, you need a system that monitors energy consumption in real time.

Targeted investment in more efficient equipment

Investment is required, but there is a very high savings potential

With second-to-second load profiles for your entire plant, you can plan your own generation systems at low risk (CHP, PV, future energy storage). You discover which systems and devices are your biggest energy consumers and can thus invest in targeted and controlled improvements (e.g. new transformers, compressors, ventilation systems, engines, special equipment).

Reduction of internal costs for data collection and analysis


Our system conveniently provides you with the energy data you need for ISO certification or an energy audit. Internal overhead for manual data collection is eliminated. Moreover, automated collection increases data quality significantly (intervals of a second). You avoid costly mistakes resulting from manual reading and your employees save a lot of time. At the same time, the legal requirements are met.


The ENIT Agent can be installed at your premises in two simple steps. You can then test the product for three months with no obligation.

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