The ENIT Agent lets you avoid costly risks. It brings transparency to your systems and uncovers inadvertent dependencies or inefficiencies. You can thus reduce costs and increase your productivity.


Because industrial enterprises often have only monthly statements and aggregate consumption values at their disposal, it can be difficult to uncover potential savings opportunities. Experience shows that the greatest potential lies in electrical engineering efficiency. The ENIT Agent enables complete cost control by delivering a full picture of all consumers and a transparent, concise data display.


To do so, the system first examines your second-by-second consumption profile and compares it based on the Fraunhofer standard to many years of empirical values from all production sectors. In step two, all consumers are subjected to an energy efficiency and electrical engineering analysis. This includes your mains supply quality and a continuous, complete power quality analysis. The resulting findings enable you to achieve real energy efficiency, thereby saving money and conserving valuable resources – as your productivity increases.

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Typical savings with ENIT

  • Reduced transformer losses
  • Unnoticed standby consumption
  • System load due to harmonics
  • Preventable peak loads
  • Unfavourable plant operating points
  • Avoided downtime
  • Optimised operating conditions
  • Wrong-sized production equipment
  • Better investment decisions through properly sized equipment

For our existing customers, we have been able to uncover potential savings of 5–20%. Typical cases involve detecting energy leaks, optimising operating conditions and processes, and preventing safety-critical system states. Much potential is already evident after analysis and expert opinions at the beginning of the 3-month trial period.

We work with benchmarks and extensive analyses to alert you to potential savings. You can also set up your own figures that should trigger an alert. And finally, our energy experts draft specific recommendations for you by way of additional reporting that can then be implemented directly, for example by your electrician.

The three-month trial period costs you from €1,800. You can then continue to lease or you can buy the product. The monthly leasing price ranges from €300–€1,000. You decide on the exact scope of services. There are no hidden costs. There is no charge for integrating any number of additional meters / measuring points, and updates are included.

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The ENIT Agent can be installed at your premises in two simple steps. You can then test the product for three months with no obligation.

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